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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vegetables - the enemy party

Why is it that M & M's taste like a little corner of paradise to enjoy the clean, but more of a cavity lobe and beet sugar of yesteryear is also good for your heart? Mother Nature was not thinking clearly when it was created? We regret that your children what is good not only increases the obligation of a healthy child. There is no doubt that the more you drive your child to a small piece of broccoli, stronger, he does not cry! Small children are often funny, but at the same timeTime of suspicion of new foods, and the temptation to taste at least, to see the dog, or you can use your fingers to paint on the chair. It is preferable whenever possible to the new food because women who take a liking for certain foods and develop picky!

Although it appears that it would be easier to make in the cervix, there is a chance that something to eat without pain for the child of vegetables.

V8 Vegetable Juice

AThe mother told a story about how all the vegetables hidden in places such as fruit, Jello, and even within, sandwiches peanut butter and jam! It was very funny chewing happily on one of my favorite dishes, and then suddenly a little confused on his face (which usually only for a moment), and it would be fully guaranteed 'ignorance of what is done. Sometimes desperate times desperate measures!

Vegetables - the enemy party

Try theseTips for a child of the dreaded vegetable.

1. Vegetables, first served, while the child is hungry. They are usually only a few bites because he is hungry, how nice, a few bites it's better than nothing!

2. Be creative when you serve vegetables, hide them in different ways, for example, chop vegetables and add the pasta sauce, lasagna, or even a pizza.

3. Treat yourself to help your child in meal preparation to more interest in creatingFood just before serving.

4. Giving children the different foods, vegetables, which will surely not be tolerated. Remember that some foods should be 10-15 times until accepted by the child. Do not give up!

5. Give your child a mixture of vegetables and fruits, such as the V8.

6. Finally, when all other attempts have not talk to your pediatrician about a multi-vitamin.

Not a refusal, the monster anti-vegetablesFinally, something to accept. Remember, the daily dose for children is much lower than that of an adult, so that only a few bites more than enough. The child is usually a year and a half teaspoon is enough, and a piece of fruit for the service.

Make and effort to sit down and eat a serving of vegetables with a child, it is a good time. Children tend to imitate adults! Example.

Be patient and good luck!

Vegetables - the enemy party

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