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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raw Food Weight Loss

Quite often foods are cooked with some quantity of fats which are not absolutely digested. Even if no fats are added while cooking the food, the requisite nutrients and live elements in the food such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins are destroyed while cooking and leave toxic waste that can turn into obesity and other condition issues. according to the Farmers Magazine, the surest way to add weight is to eat cooked grains, vegetables such as cooked potatoes--- French fries are probably the mainstay of most of the restaurants. The best way to stop these harmful accretions in the body and sell out the weight is to eat raw and live food which is absolutely digested and becomes a source of energy.

Raw Foods Accelerate the Weight Loss

V8 Vegetable Juice

Raw foods especially juices like cantaloupe juice, blueberry juice or strawberry juice mixed with apple, pear or yam are not only appetizing but full of energy. A combination of carrot, apple, beet, celery, tomato, and lemon tastes like a living V8, giving an energy-boost to the day that is far best than coffee. Foods and vegetables are cleansers, energizers, builders and boosters of immune system. They contribute all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals which are requisite to boost the vitality. They are rich in fibers and have great laxative value to eliminate the toxins which procure in the body. A quarterly use of juicy and fibrous raw foods is conducive to rapid weight loss. Wild animals are rarely fat because they always eat raw, green and live foods.

Raw Food Weight Loss

Raw vegetables and fruits promote the weight loss because they are low in fat and fat and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. They facilitate the elimination of toxic wastes quickly. Moreover they sell out the craving for sweet food items like chocolates and cakes which promote weight gain. Raw foods keep your power levels steady so that you neither come to be too hungry or too tired too soon. Raw foods drain away the excess body acids. They satisfy the body's requirement for nutrients with less foods. Therefore the consumers of raw, live and organic foods shed the weight very absolutely and very soon.

Raw Foods as Energizers

Raw foods are great energizers as they are a large source of bio-available vitamins and minerals as they are the partners of enzymes and co-enzymes. We need not crave for cooked foods to satisfy our hunger or build up our energy.

Enzymes act as catalysts in hundreds and thousands of chemical reactions that take place in the body and play a crucial role in digesting, dissolving and converting the foods into body tissues. They produce power at the cellular level and are requisite for most of the metabolic functions that take place every second in our body throughout the day. If we take raw foods in abundance we receive the required energy, eliminate the toxins which in turn sell out the weight. Obesity after all is an additional one name for accumulated toxins in the body.

Raw Food Weight Loss

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